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I don’t want to start this article with a long preface about «how we all were disappointed by Jin”. This plot has been discussed very ardently during the last few weeks and everybody have time to learn about innumerous amount of different opinions. This story of cause left a very bitter after-taste. And now, when public feelings became cooler, we can look on the Jins deed not so strict from the other angle and with slight irony. And may be some day we even can forgive her for this story. After all, our nation was always proud of her generosity and ability to forgive.
med_gallery_7_717_122593It is worth a word, that I personally attended at appointment with Jin. I liked this girl so much at that moment. All her stories drew out very complicated feelings: there were and delight and sympathy. It is very surprised; how she is being such a fragile creature could deal with all that difficulties and danger situations which she has faced on her way. Just one of her story about sexual harassment in Egypt, was shocking for everyone! Oh, every one fell in love with Jin, and how huge was our disappointment to know that she didn’t like us. Every human being in this world wants mutuality, and we hoped for it as well. But let’s leave all this philosophical discussions apart.
When Jin’s article about her adventures in Russia was published, I was under indignation and bad impression, I started to look for her blog. I wanted to see all this by my own eyes, keeping belief that it was just a translational mistake or simple human incomprehension, because it happens sometimes when people translates to another language.
According to mention of other members of our club, all Jin’s pages were blocked and unavailable for Russian readers. But despite of it I have successfully found the original of Jin’s article. To my great disappointment the translation was absolutely correct, and I was thinking about what pushed Jin to write all this? Why has she done it?
But during my search of the information about Jin’s adventures I started to understand. I found a lot of other interesting details; many times I’ve met pages of other “travelers-around-the-world-on-bikes” there were thousands of pictures and hundreds of articles in blogs. People were telling about their adventures, about difficulties that they dealt with. In the Jin’s motherland this kind of activity seemed to be as a “main stream”. Most of this people were connected with each other. And now I have got it! They compete with one another in all this things, who rides more, who have dealt with more obstacles or troubles and so on.
Jin have ridden very far away – and what would she say about all this in her blog? Everything was great but it was too cold? Just think about it. Most of the people have a little weakness to exaggerate of their exploits, telling stories to friends. And it’s no matter in which aria of life it happens. Sometimes most of us try to make our stories more colorful and exciting. Jin was not an exception; it seems it was not enough for her to deal only with such a distance. She wanted people to admire her fortitude and fragility in one time. It was boring for her merely to say that I have ridden to Murmansk and everything was ok and she decided to spice her story up. May be it was the reason of blocking her site for Russian users. She said she is not going back to Murmansk ever, so what a matter what will we think about her?
We do not reject all that facts about some troubles that Jin had faced with, such as the crash or bad quality of our roads in some places and may be some other things. But we have never expected to be named as an INHUMAN NATION from any foreign guest. Without even knowing a language our people will do all the best to help to anyone who is in troubles. We can be proud by almost everyone, whom Jin has met during her trip in the north. There were no Russians who would leave her to spend the night outdoors. A lot of people offered their help, wanted to feed and to warm her. Many of us were filled with sympathy to the nice girl, but unfortunately Jin decided to neglect our feelings. The spirit of adventure turned out to be more precious for her.
Well Jin had mentioned about her travelling though Africa in the nearest future, so we are looking forward. I will be very pleased to read a fancy story about her being near to be eaten by a wild tribe or to read how our nice, fragile Jin defeated a lion.

P.S. I was thinking what would I say to Jin if I met her … Of course nothing bad, because I still like her. I would just ask her to be more careful on the roads, and wished good luck in her cycling journeys. And I would also say Heavens forbid you to meet such an inhuman people as you describe us. And also be careful exaggerating something in the future, it will be better to do this in positive way, because all our thoughts have tendency to be materialized. And sometimes even most weird fictions can be turned to reality.

For the all other foreign travelers who have already read Jin’s stories, we want to say that Murmansk is always open and pleased to welcome all the guests no matter of political or other conditions in the world. We will always accept everyone who wants to see Russian Arctica with his own eyes. We are welcoming everyone with all our generosity and hospitality which we were always famed.
We wish good luck for everyone, and please be careful on the roads, and pay attention to the weather and climate conditions travelling through the Russia.


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